New CEN Technical Report: Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids - constituents to be measured in the aerosol of vaping products 

CEN has drafted a technical report for electronic cigarettes and e-liquids designed to reassure users, encourage good products and support the development of this growing market.

The CEN Technical Report ‘Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids - Constituents to be measured in the aerosol of vaping products’ (CEN/TR 17236:2018) has recently been published and provides a list of constituents of interest. These constituents have been proposed for aerosol measurement for the purpose of regulatory submission under Directive 2014/40/EU, which concerns the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products.

They apply to:

  • prefilled products such as disposable e-cigarettes and refill cartridges,
  • e-liquids sold in refill containers,
  • the following categories of hardware: coils or other heater elements of the vaping product, atomisers, rebuildable atomisers and all open tank or dripper products with inbuilt atomisers, including clearomisers.

The work has been led by the recently established technical committee CEN/TC 437 “Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids”, who will develop technical standards for electronic cigarettes and e-liquid products. These standards will provide a common framework for all electronic cigarettes and e-liquid products sold in all EU markets. This work also aims to increase the safety of all the European users, by setting consistent safety and quality standards of the products and improving consumer information across all EU Member States. These documents, recognized and applicable in all CEN members’ countries, will give advice and help manufacturers, importers, exporters and distributors to adhere to standardised safety and quality requirements.

CEN/TR 17236:2018 was developed by CEN/TC 437 “Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids”, whose secretariat is held by AFNOR – the French national standardization body.

For more information, please contact Claire DALIER