Three new CEN Publications (CWA 17300, CWA 17301, CWA 17302) for Security Professionals on City Resilience Development  

European cities face an increasing frequency and intensity of hazards and disasters, which are exacerbated by climate change and social dynamics, such as demographic change and an ageing population. Enhancing societal resilience, which includes improving good governance, accountability, and creating a better space for civil society to act has become key to civil protection. The Smart Mature Resilience EU Horizon 2020 project (SMR project) seeks to support capacity building via information systems and to support this process by providing a comprehensive Resilience Management Guideline and defining a Resilience Information Portal.

The collaboration between CEN and the SMR project has resulted in the publication of three CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs), supporting capacity building via information systems. This process is supported by providing a comprehensive Resilience Management Guideline (CWA 17300:2018 developed by CEN/WS 92), improving the resilience-building processes of European cities (CWA 17301:2018 developed by CEN/WS 91) and defining a Resilience Information Portal (CWA 17302:2018 developed by CEN WS 88). These documents have been made freely available.

This framework seeks to allocate available resources towards defined goals, while at the same time ensuring transparency and democratic principles for city resilience development and planning. The three documents might be useful for public authorities, security professionals, the private sector and international organizations that are responsible for emergency or crisis management within public or private organizations.

The Technical Secretariat of the three Workshops (CEN/WS 92, CEN/WS 91 and CEN/WS 88) is held by DIN – the German Standardization body.

For more information, please contact Alina IATAN