New CEN TS 17171 – “Management of observed hydrometric data – Guidance” 

CEN TC 318 ‘Hydrometry’ developed CEN TS 17171, a new guidance document on management of observed hydrometric data. The document is named in line with its subject ‘Management of observed hydrometric data – Guidance’.

This new Technical Specification gives recommendations for the management of observed hydrometric data, including raw data, as well as for statistics derived from these observations. Even if the document can be applied to all hydrometric observations, it focusses mainly on measurements of precipitation, water level, volume and discharge in open channels.

CEN TS 17171 will be of use to any organisation or individual collecting, managing, disseminating or using hydrometric data. The document immediately affects key stakeholders including governments (e.g. National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, environmental regulators, organisations responsible for flood and drought risk management), industry and commerce (e.g. the water supply industry, consultancies, power companies, manufacturers of hydrometric equipment), academic and research bodies and NGOs (e.g. WMO and UNESCO).

The Technical Specification will allow users to ensure the quality of their data using consistent processing and management methods. The document will facilitate the exchange of data and information across different IT systems, within and between organisations. In addition, the document supports the EU’s water policy and the execution of EU environmental reporting obligations and of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)’s Resolution 25.

The Technical Secretariat of CEN TC 318 is held by BSI – the British Standardization Institute.
For more information, please contact: Joanna Frankowska