CEN Workshop Agreement - CWA 17316:2018 - Smart CE marking for construction products is now published 

Construction product manufacturers must comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR - 305/2011) and deliver a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to the market according to harmonized standards (hENs).

In several cases, this will represent very detailed information being made available and exploited to its full potential. The goal is to promote CE marking for construction products through the optional use of an electronic declaration of performance.

CWA 17316:2018 on Smart CE marking provides a link between the product and its DoP in a digital, machine and human readable format (XML). It allows designers, contractors, end-users and public authorities to easily access and assess, in combination with appropriate digital tools, DoP information in a user-friendly, target-oriented manner. More so, Smart CE marking helps designers and processors complying with their documentation duties and reduces the administrative burden.

This Smart CE initiative is an important piece of the large digital construction puzzle but one that construction product manufacturers should embrace to provide their products technical information to the market.

Smart CE will facilitate the development of digital tools. It allows product traceability, provides a direct link to manufacturers and is Building Information Modelling (BIM) compatible.

The CWA will now be considered by CEN Technical Committees (TCs) - including TC442, which is working for BIM - to embark in the development of a product-specific approach to allow the optional use of Smart CE by manufacturers.

This initiative may open the way for similar developments in other sectors.

About the deliverable CEN Workshop Agreement
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The Technical Secretariat of the CEN Workshop on ‘Smart CE marking for construction products’ and of CEN/TC 442 - Building Information Modelling (BIM) is held by SN – Standards Norway.

For more information contact: Gonçalo ASCENSÃO

Source: Construction Products Europe
Source: Construction Products Europe