STANDARD IN THE SPOTLIGHT – Ventilation in hospitals 

Clean and healthier air in healthcare premises is essential for the health and well-being of patients, hospital staff and visitors.

CEN/TC 156 on Ventilation for buildings, publishes a Technical Specification that addresses the minimum requirements for ventilation systems.

CEN/TS 16244:2018 on Ventilation in hospitals - Coherent hierarchic structure and common terms and definitions for a standard related to ventilation in hospitals, sets out the framework and structure including preliminary terms and definitions for the standard “Ventilation in hospitals” which is currently being developed.

The standard for ventilation in hospitals is intended for all healthcare premises where healthcare services are delivered. It will comprise general and specific risk areas, within healthcare and provide defined levels of air quality/cleanliness for classification of these areas. It will also address minimum requirements for ventilation systems with respect to their design, installation, operation, qualification process and maintenance.

The Technical Secretariat for this Technical Specification (TS) and the standard (EN) under development is with BSI, the British Standards Institution.

Contact: Padmaja KAMATH