STANDARD IN THE SPOTLIGHT – Floor coverings and their acoustic performances in buildings  

Floorings, one of the common built environment finishes, offers a great opportunity to positively influence the acoustical performance of a space. Different commercial floor coverings such as hard wood, tiles, carpets, vinyl, laminate, rubber, textile composite flooring etc. control sound differently.

Manufacturers of these floor coverings can perform measurements to assess their acoustic properties.

Working Group 1 – Methods for measuring the sound insulation of building elements and the acoustic performances of buildings of the CEN Technical Committee on ‘Acoustic properties of building elements and of building’ (CEN/TC/126) prepared an amendment of the European Standard EN 16205:2013.

EN 16205:2013+A1:2018 sets up a laboratory measurement method to determine noise radiated from a floor covering on a standard concrete floor when excited by a standard tapping machine. The noise is measured in the room where the floor covering and the excitation are located. There is no restriction concerning the type of floor covering unless that the required small pads of the flooring could not be assembled. Using the standard tapping machine according to EN ISO 10140 means that a more general excitation compared to walking alone is regarded – in the same way as it is accepted for impact sound improvement measurements of floor coverings.

EN 16205:2013+A1:2018 was approved by CEN on 12 February 2018.

The secretariat of CEN/TC 126 is held by AFNOR (National Standardization Organization of France)

Contact: Gonçalo ASCENSÃO

Woman sitting on the floor picking samples of wood