Consumers filling their tanks with the right fuel thanks to new EN! 

CEN has approved a new European Standard providing harmonized graphic symbols for liquid and gaseous fuels. The standard EN 16942, which will be published by all CEN members by end of April 2017, was developed following a request from the European Commission in 2015.  This EN will provide consumers, inside and outside their countries,  with information on the compatibility between their vehicles and the fuels available in filling stations as established in Article 7 of the Directive 2014/94/EU "on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure".

The growing diversity of fuels available on the market indicated an increasing need to provide the rising number of vehicle users with clear and straightforward information on liquid and gaseous fuels sold at filling stations and on which fuel is suitable for their vehicles. 

Article 7 of the Directive recognises this need and requires the Member States to ensure that relevant, consistent and clear information is provided to consumers on the compatibility of their vehicles with the fuels placed on the market. According to the Directive, when available, this information should be based on the provisions of existing European Standards.

EN 16942 ‘Fuels - Identification of vehicle compatibility - Graphical expression for consumer information’ will support the implementation of Article 7 of the Directive. It specifies a graphical symbol placed on both the refuelling point and the vehicle. The standard stipulates the size, shape, colour and the location where the symbol needs to be placed on the refuelling points and on the vehicle.

“The development of EN 16942 highlights the strength of the Public Private Partnership with the production of a consensus based standard as a timely response to market needs for the benefit of both businesses and consumers.” Elena Santiago Cid, Director General CEN and CENELEC

The standard has been developed by the CEN Technical Committee 441 ‘Fuel labelling’, of which the secretariat is provided by the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN), in cooperation with the Commission services and stakeholders. The acceptance of EN 16942 demonstrates the effective cooperation between fuel producers, vehicle manufacturers, filling-station equipment manufacturers, public authorities, consumer representatives and other European stakeholders in reaching a consensus on the standard in just over a year.


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