New management for CEN Keymark certification system 

The Keymark is a voluntary European certification mark, which is used to show that a product or service conforms to the relevant European Standards. Following an open call for tender, the daily management of the Keymark in relation to CEN standards has been subcontracted to DIN CERTCO.

The Keymark provides a pan-European system of certification that allows consumers and purchasers to identify which products and services conform to the relevant European Standards. Since it was launched in 2002, the Keymark has been successfully developed for certain product groups (notably in the construction sector), and offers opportunities for market penetration in other areas.

The Keymark is a third-party certification scheme (Type 5), as defined by the international standard ISO/IEC 17067. CEN and CENELEC are the co-owners of the Keymark, while the certification schemes are operated by accredited certification bodies and testing laboratories in 18 different European countries.

Keymark logo

CEN decided to outsource the daily and administrative management (but not the ownership) of the Keymark to an external organization. Following an open call for tender, which was launched at the start of 2014, a rigorous selection procedure resulted in the decision to award the contract to DIN CERTCO.

Since the service contract was signed at the end of May 2015, DIN CERTCO is the central contact point for all questions relating to the Keymark in the domain of CEN. DIN CERTCO is responsible for maintaining the Keymark website and database, and for the overall coordination between the various Keymark schemes and the certification bodies and testing laboratories operating within these schemes.
DIN CERTCO has provided the following statement:

"We are very happy to take over the administrative management of the Keymark. We are convinced that the Keymark can be as successful as in the field of solar thermal products. The Solar Keymark has proven that a European certification is possible if all interested parties row in the same direction to the idea ‘Tested and certified once, accepted everywhere’."

Please note that the management of the Keymark in relation to European Standards published by CENELEC will not be affected.