Keep your valuables safe, thanks to new European Standard EN 1143-1 

In our daily life, we are often faced with the need to hold our valuable belongings in a safe space, or to keep our money where they cannot be stolen. This applies to all of us, from big businesses and banks to family and individuals, thus bringing about the development of ATMs, safes, and strongrooms, nowadays widespread in our cities. The technology behind secure storage units needs to be regularly updated and improved, in order to cope with the new skills and techniques used by burglars, to ensure they continue offering the highest possible level of security.

To meet these challenges, CEN embarked on a full revision of the EN 1143-1:2019 ‘Secure storage units - Requirements, classification and methods of test for resistance to burglary - Part 1: Safes, ATM safes, strongroom doors and strongrooms’. The standard, which is an update of a previously existing 2012 version, provides rules to ensure that storage units are as secure as possible.

More specifically, it does that by setting out the basis for testing free-standing safes, built-in safes, ATM safes and ATM bases, strongroom doors and strongrooms and classifying them according to their burglary resistance. In this respect, EN 1143 provides a benchmark for designing and manufacturing storage units that are safe and reliable, thus allowing people and communities to keep their valuable goods safe.

Even if the standard is limited to covering the physical qualities of ATM safes and bases and does not target more widely ATM systems, the resistance classification it proposes can also be used for designing security systems with the provision that, depending on the skills of the author of the crime, the conditions at the place of the crime and the tools used, considerably longer times are likely to occur in real burglary attacks than in a test.

Concerning in particular ATMs, the tests and requirements in this European standard are based on the two following assumptions of their use:

  • First, for ATM system the text intends the  assembly of sub-units which provides an ATM function and affords security to cash and other valuables stored within the ATM safe.
  • Secondly, for the use of an ATM safe, the ATM manufacturer is responsible for the secure storage of the cash and/or valuables (e.g. checks).
    EN 1143-1 was developed by CEN/TC 263 'Secure storage of cash, valuables and data media', whose Secretariat is currently held by BSI, the British Standards Institution.

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