CEN community 

We are a broad network. More than 200.000 technical experts from industry, associations, public administrations, academia and societal organizations are involved in the CEN network that reaches over 600 million people.

34 National Standardization Bodies make up the CEN membership and they represent CEN in their country. In addition, 15 organizations have the Companion Standardization Body (CSB) status, which is open to a National Standardization Body (NSB), which is a member or corresponding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Interested NSBs work closely with CEN to achieve technical harmonization, and contribute to the removal of technical barriers to trade between their country and Europe.

Moreover CEN has also 3 Affiliates. The NSB's of those countries formally recognized by the European Union as being potential candidates for EU membership can become a CEN "Affiliate".

CEN and its Members are fully committed to cooperating with key organizations for the development of sound partnership relations aimed at meeting the scope and mission of CEN. These partnerships take into account the complementary roles of each partner and the different levels at which such cooperation may take place, be it at national or European level.

More details on Members, Affiliates, European Partners and Companion Standardization Bodies can be found in the dynamic pages on the CEN Community.