Governing structure 

CEN's governance is composed of the:

  • General Assembly (CEN/AG), the supreme body of the association;
  • Presidential Committee and its advisory bodies (CEN-CENELEC/PC);
  • Administrative Board (CEN/CA).

Officers of the association are the President and the President Elect, three Vice-Presidents (Policy,Technical and Finance), Ordinary Administrative Board members.

Other Bodies are able to support the achievement of the scope of CEN:

  • Technical Board (BT);
  • Technical Bodies (Technical Committees (TCs) and its Sub-Committees (SCs), Working Groups (WGs), BT Task Force (BTTF) and BT Working Groups (BTWGs).

The CEN-CENELEC Management Centre is headed by the Director General.

For more information on the governance of CEN, consult the CEN Statutes in EnglishGerman, French (PDF format) and the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations Part 1 - Organization and structure.