General Assembly 

The General Assembly (AG) is the supreme governing body of CEN and determines the CEN policy. The General Assembly is composed of the delegations from the National Standards Bodies (NSBs) of each of the member countries of CEN and of selected CEN partners, who attend the AG as observers (such as: Affiliates, Companion Standardization Bodies, CENELEC, ETSI, ISO, European Partner Organizations, the European Commission and the EFTA Secretariat).
The General Assembly is chaired by the CEN President and meets twice a year. Extraordinary General Assembly meetings may also be convened by the CEN President.

Voting rights are restricted to the CEN National Members.

Further information on its role, responsibilities, rights, composition and mode of working are in the CEN Statutes in English (pdf format)

The French and German version of the CEN statutes are currently being translated and will be soon available.