CEN-CENELEC Workshop announcement – Digital sovereignty – European perspective, general approach and implications on standardisation 

The Workshop’s aim is to develop a shared understanding of ‘digital sovereignty’. This concept of Digital Sovereignty was mentioned in the State of the Union Address by President von der Leyen and by European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton. At the same time, it is rising on the agenda of other nations and trade blocks, too.

However, there are currently many potential definitions and perceptions associated with digital sovereignty, and even though a common understanding of what is at stake is increasing, the concept and the associated terminology remain somewhat undefined. Therefore, there will be a need for data governance and associated mechanisms that support global engagement through recognized and accepted standardisation deliverables.

The objective of this Workshop is to:

  • develop a shared understanding and structure of the concept of “digital sovereignty”
  • analyse standardisation implications and identify possible standardisation actions
  • discuss the required interplay between standardisation and regulation
  • consolidate the views of multiple SDOs with respect to digital sovereignty
  • demonstrate how European digital sovereignty can be integrated and understood in the broader international context of local / regional contextualizable implementations of the concept.

The Workshop is proposed by the IEEE Standards Association, the German National Committee DKE and the French National Standardization Body AFNOR, who also holds the Secretariat.

The kick-off meeting will be held on 8 July 2021 by teleconference.

All interested parties are invited to submit comments on the draft Project Plan to the Workshop Secretary, Ms Caroline DE CONDE (caroline.deconde@afnor.org) by June 30th. You are kindly requested to use the commenting form below.