The CEN Workshop on Journalism Trust Initiative publishes its CWA 17493.  

Kicked-off on 23 May 2018 in Paris, the Workshop worked on the production of a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) which intends to be a benchmark for self-assessment and voluntary disclosure of media outlets.

The CWA features 18 clauses that range from ownership and sources of revenue to the editorial process, including topics like correction policies, labelling of opinion or sponsored content, and ensuring accuracy.

Newspapers, TV channels or radio stations, websites or blogs can use it as a checklist for a thorough, internal diagnosis of their manufacturing chain and for optimizing it, if needed.

The published CWA 17493 is made available for free download under the conditions as described in CEN-CENELEC Guide 10 “Policy on dissemination, sales and copyright of CEN-CENELEC Publications".