NEW CEN Workshop on Human-driven data economy IHAN 

IHAN aims to make people aware of their rights and give them practical tools to easily manage their own information and privacy. With IHAN, businesses and public actors can provide services faster and more cost-efficiently to make people's lives easier. These services will be based on the people's consent to collect their data regardless of where they are located.

The CEN WS ‘IHAN’ will develop a protocol that will address the following topics:

  • Data identifiers: a unified identifier connecting my identifier and personal data;
  • Consent management: a structure which will include one or more authorization to access my data in various systems in either one time or on continuous basis;
  • Log system: an immutable system which contains information about consents and data transfer & usage.

This Workshop builds upon the activities facilitated by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, which notably aims at developing common roadmap for fair data exchange. You can find a presentation on the activities and objectives of Sitra here:

Download the meeting documents:

The kick-off meeting and first plenary will be held on Tuesday 22.1.2019 at 10.00 in Sitra office (Helsinki, Finland).

All interested parties are welcome to register for participation and submit comments on the draft Project Plan to the Workshop Secretary, Elina Huttunen.