CEN/WS - Description and Assessment of Good Practices for Smart City Solutions  

Against the background of worldwide urbanization trends coming along with environmental and societal challenges, many organizations, committees, networks and projects have been established and dedicated their work on tackling these challenges in cities and urban areas on a global level. In order to come up with solutions, so-called “good practices” have proved to be an effective means of orientation in initial project stages.

Many “good practice” collections have been created in recent years, aiming at demonstrating how certain cities overcome specific challenges in different sectors and benchmarking how far ahead those cities are in comparison to others. The quality of good practice collections can vary widely and their structures are rarely consistent or comparable.

This Workshop will develop a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA), which will define requirements to describe and evaluate good practices of Smart City Solutions. This document shall support the decision making of stakeholders of (Smart) Cities (e.g. municipalities, municipal service companies, investors, politics).

The kick-off meeting and first plenary will be held on 9 March 2018 in the VHS Simmering, Gottschalkgasse 10, 1110 Vienna.

Participation in the Workshop is free of charge and open to anyone.

All interested parties are welcome to register for participation and submit comments on the draft Project Plan to the Workshop Secretary Stefanie Müller (DIN), no later than 2 March 2018.

Download the documents: