CEN Workshop Big Data (WS Big Data) 

This workshop aims to define some technical requirements that will enable innovation in the aquaculture sector, turning the available local and heterogeneous large volumes of data in a universally understandable open repository of data assets. These requirements are the results of the research project AQUASMART of which main objective is to enhance innovation capacity to the aquaculture sector, by addressing the problem of global knowledge access and data exchanges between aquaculture companies and its related stakeholders.

Experienced research institutes that participate in the consortium as technology suppliers and will transfer their solutions to the aquaculture stakeholders in the consortium.

This brings a set of capabilities never achieved before in this industrial sector, which addresses a capability for data access in cross-sectoral domain, centred in the aquaculture industry and embracing transportation, logistics and food retailers in a cross border and cross-lingual setting.

AQUASMART’s success will attract further participation of other EU aquaculture companies to contribute their data into the incubator established by AQUASMART. The development of the AQUASMART multi-lingual open data framework (i.e. product, service and e-Training) enables an innovative technology and service to be delivered to the aquaculture industry for economic and commercial impact. The estimated duration of the Workshop is 7/8 months.

The kick-off meeting will be held on 24 January 2017, at CEN-CENELEC management Centre. All interested parties are welcome to register for participation and submit comments on the draft project plan to Alina Iatan.